Take Action: Host a House Party

A guide for hosting your own House Party for Larry King

Key Info

Download the House Party Kit pdf - everything you need to know to host your own house party!

House Party Kit

The Larry King for US Congress Campaign is truly about building a new type of politics through grassroots efforts like House parties. The goal of each host party is to get Arizonians in Arizona's Fifth Congressional District to commit to voting for Larry King in November.

There are two vitally important parts to your house party:

Inform - One of the primary goals of your house party should be to inform your guest about Larry King and to educate them about the campaign.

Incite - Once they're informed, hopefully your guests will want to get involved. Make sure they know how much even a few hours of volunteer help or a few dollars can help. Ask them to make a commitment that day to collect signatures for the campaign, knock on their neighbors' door, call their family and friend, at a minimum. Also make a pitch for your guest to make a monetary donation and to hold their own House Party for Larry King.

The House Party Resource Kit includes step-by-step guidelines for planning a successful party. This packet, along with the resources on the campaign website, www.larryking06.com, should provide all you need. If you have questions, feel free to email us at info@larryking06.com.

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