Take Action - How you can help elect Judge Larry King to Congress

Arizona and America needs leadership in Congress

The Larry King for US Congress Campaign is truly about building a new type of politics through grassroots efforts. The success of this campaign is built on the people, communities, and organizations in support of Larry King for Congress in 2006.

The goal of this campaign is to get Arizonians in Arizona's Fifth Congressional District to commit to voting for Larry King in November.

You can help in many ways: We welcome your comments, concerns or ideas. Contact us to tell us what you think.

Why should I help to elect Judge Larry King?

For Larry King public service has always been a cause - not a career. The great tradition of strong Arizona Senators and Representatives who were motivated by a deep concern for the people and doing what is right for Arizona and the nation serve as Larry's role models.

Larry King believes we can be an even better America based on the key ideas that have always made our country great. Leaders must respect the citizens they serve. Government must be open and transparent. Citizens have a right to criticize the government and hold their leaders accountable. In exchange, citizens should serve their country in any capacity they can.

Larry's combination of public service and statesmanship, dramatically different from the current representative's approach coupled with his responsible stance on domestic, fiscal, and security issues, make him uniquely qualified to win in 2006 and serve as our Representative for the 5th Congressional District in Arizona.

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